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Gymkhana to prepare for the vivac.

The group is divided into teams of 4-7 kids. They each receive a cutout of a backpack, which they must fill up with different cutouts of each objects they should take to the vivac (sleeping bag, water bottle, suncream...). The monitors are spread out around the camp site. The teams would need to find each monitor and complete the activity they each propose. When it is completed, the monitor will give them a cutout of one object.

The activities could be related to the object they give out (sing a song, a riddle...) or something more physical (human pyramid, race...). The monitor could do different activities to different teams in order to give out different objects. This way, when all teams completed all tasks, they will end up with a different set of objects. By the end of the game, all teams reunite and must cooperate to figure out which objects they are each missing and draw them in their backpack. For instance, as the teams talk to each other and check each others objects, they find out that only one team has the water bottle. The rest of the teams would thus draw the water bottle in their backpack. Finally, all teams will have a completed backpack, which they can use as reference to make their actual backpack for the vivac.


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