Cluedo is a game that will fully involve all the players. It can be played with children and teenagers of any age, as it can be adapted. For the purpose of this, it will be played by 13 children between 10 and 12 years old.


The game


For those who are not familiar with how Cluedo works, here is a simple explanation. The game is based around a murder that has taken place, and players have to solve the murder as quickly as possible. Firstly, they find out who has been murdered and then, secondly, they hear from each suspect to try and help them figure out the three main facts: who the murderer is, the murder weapon used and the location of the murder.


It is important to remember that this is an adaptation, therefore it just one version of Cluedo.






Although the number of players can be modified, for the purpose of this we will play with 13 children between 10 and 12 years old and 6 monitors (one being the dead person and the other 5 acting as the suspects).


Children will be divided into 3 groups of 4, and one group of 5.


In my example, monitors are called different animals.




- 5 different weapons (they can be made of plastic or cardboard): a knife, a gun, a pan, a trophy and some string


- 3 small bags full of chocolate coins


- 2 bowls


- Some candy


- Some paper


- Some string


- Apples (minimum of 7)


- 4 chairs


- Some pens


- Empty tins


- Empty plastic bottles


- Flour


- Spoons, which can be made of plastic


- Ping-pong balls


- Water




Timing and location


This activity can take between 1h30 and 2h. It can be located in different places of our choice.


The activity


1. The children will meet in the living room. There, one of the monitors will explain the game.


"M. Lion has been killed this afternoon. Your task is to investigate and find out who the murderer is, the weapon that they used and the location of the murder. There are five suspects each located in a different place you must find them and ask them for any information they can give you. With all the clues that you receive, you will be able to solve the murder. Good luck"


The monitor will then divide the children into 3 different groups and give them each a piece of paper with different numbers, like in a gymkhana, so that they avoid all going to see the same monitor at the same time. When the groups are organised, the monitor will go to their designated place for the activity.


2. The monitors (suspects) will be in different locations. When a group reaches them, they'll have an activity prepared and, if the group passes it, the suspect will give them a full sentence (that they will be able to write down) that will help them towards solving the crime. The sentence can only be repeated twice, so all the members in the group will need to pay attention.


3. When a group has heard from all the suspects, the members will debate who they think the murderer is, what weapon was used and the location of the murder. When they have figured out the answer, they must go to the suspect they think is the murderer and ask them if they are right. If they are, the murderer will then tell them the place where the dead monitor is. They must then go there, where Mr Lion will give the group their reward: a little bag full of chocolate coins.


4. The game is over when all the groups have figured out the answers to the three questions and have each received their reward


Activities and clues


1. Miss Turtle: she will be in the kitchen

- Activity: There will be two bowls. One full of water which also contains some candies. The other full of flour containing a piece of paper with a tongue-twister. Two children will have to remove a candy from the bowl using only their mouth and the others will have to read the tongue-twisters out loud. When this has been completed, Miss Turtle will give them her clue.

- Clue: "I finished cleaning the kitchen and tidied the knifes at 4 o'clock I didn't see Mr Lion in the afternoon."


2. Mr Monkey: he will be in the garden

- Activity: There will be a piece of string attached from one tree to another and some apples hanging from the sting. In pairs, children will have to bite the apples without touching them with their hands. When this is done, Mr Monkey will give them his clue.

- Clue: "I used the string to attach the apples and then i gave it to Miss Giraffe for her activity."


3. Miss Sheep: She will be in the living room

- Activity: There will be some empty plastic bottles on the floor. Children will have a piece of string attached around their body with a pen hanging from it. The task consists of inserting the pen into the bottle without using their hands.

-  Clue: “I didn't leave the living room except to eat. I saw Mr Lion going to the kitchen and when he returned he told me that he was going to rest in his bedroom.”


4. Mr Camel: he will be in the hall

- Activity: There will be 4 chairs in the hall line up with some space between them. Children will have to zigzag from one side to the other with a spoon in their mouth and a ping-pong ball on the spoon. After this, Mr Camel will tell the team his clue.

- Clue: “I saw Miss Giraffe going to the kitchen after I had gone to collect the chairs for my activity. She couldn't find what she wanted and couldn't find Miss Turtle to ask her for it.”


5. Miss Giraffe: she will be in the garden

- Activity: There will be some empty tins spread in a vertical position in a line. Children will have to put a pair of tights on their heads. Where there should be a foot, there will be a tennis ball. Children will have to try and knock all of the tins over with the tennis ball in the tights, by only moving their heads. Miss Giraffe won't tell them her clue until they've achieved this goal.

- Clue: "I used all the string that Mr Monkey gave me. Then I went to the kitchen to get a knife because I needed it to cut a bottle, but I couldn’t find one."


The answer could be that the murder has been committed in Mr Lion's bedroom, with a knife, and Miss Turtle is the murderer.


Objectives to be achieved with this activity

1. Team work.

This is one of the most important things children need to learn. For that, this activity is very good. They will have to work together to solve the crime and try to do it as quickly as possible, which means that if any of them need more time to finish writing, the other children will have to help them.


2. Having fun.

We sometimes forget that the best way of learning is by playing and having fun. Children smile and laugh all the time and that's something we should take into account. Problem solving shouldn’t be a tough activity. This is an enjoyable activity.


I hope you have enjoyed this activity.

Have fun!



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