Roll over dirt

The following activity is designed for a group of 14 children aged 10



-Encourage cooperation and team work

-Practice coordination and locomotion

-Enjoy physical activity in a fun way



- 2 Buckets


- 2 plates




The game consists in competing in races where the special feature is that all the members of the group have to collaborate to get to the finish line in the fastest way, dealing with different obstacles. The group will be organised in two teams, with 7 people each.

First race: over water

Each team receives a bucket full of water. The goal is to pass the bucket over the head to each other. The last person starts the racce and when passes the bucket runs to the front of the line. This procedure continues until the whole team gets to the finish line. The challenge is not to get very wet, as the water can fall out of the bucket.


Second race: over flour full of flour.

The second race takes the same procedure, but the bucket is replaced with a plate full of flour. In this way the members of the team get full of flour, which will stick to the wet members of the team.


Third race: roll over dirt


In the last race, the members of the team will lie down on the floor face down, and the last person rolls over the rest, until they get to the front. The first team to get to the line wins. As the children were previously stained from the last races, they will now share all the dirt!


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