Performing a story

The group is divided in two. One group is going to act as the public and the others as performers. The adult responsible of the activity is going to read a story. Each time a new character appears in the plot, one of the members of the group of performers, is going to act as him/her in the place set as the stage, interacting with the other characters but keeping mute. He/she will leave the stage when needed, according to the story the narrator is telling. The groups will take turns to be either actors or public. This activity is thought to be overacted, in order to loose the group's atmosphere, laughing at and with each other. The story might also be specifically chosen to get a conflict solved, this way, stories with moral can be discussed afterwards. Several topics (sexuality, friendship, gender roles, etc.) can be treated with this activity, depending on the age and the moment of the group.


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