"Farfalle" (english version)

Night activity (posibly rainy day)

This activity can be done either inside or outside. It has being designed for 13 children, about 14 years old, and its name is “Farfalle”, which is similar to the famous game “Tabú” but is much more dinamic and interesting. 

Participants are splitted into three different groups (4-5 participans each) and they have to name the group and create a characteristic shout. 

Moreover, monitors would give 9 papers/per group and they would tell them to write down 3 films, 3 characteristic peope and 3 objects (it could be around a subject: terror, fantasy, circus, history…). Once they give us the papers back, we would put them into a hat. 

The game begins with a volunteer (we could make a proof, i.e. each group creates a song and the best one begins). The kid would have a entire minute to take papers from the hat and describe them to his group so that they find out as many papers as they can. When the minute ends, the next group starts the same way. The round is over when the are no more papers left in the hat. The game consists of five rounds:

- Round 1: decription

- Round 2: mimic

- Round 3: drawing

- Round 4: one Word

- Round 5: one sound

The same papers are used for every round so it is really interesting to see how a sound or a word remind the kids of a paper previously described. 

It is important that all paticipants play a roll in the game, so the volunteer should be different each round.  

To make the game much more interesting, monitors would write down papers also. Between round and round we would make proofs (i.e. changing t-shirt-trousers the quick as they can, going around the table without touching the floor…) in order to get the papers and get them right too. 

At the end of the game, the group who has the highest score would win. 



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