Guess what is on your back


1)      First a volunteer describes a random object given. We reflect on what it has been said (adjectives used) and together we think about different ways of describe it.


2)       Then, in partners we make a line and sit down back to back . One of the partners gets and object and describes it the best  he can. The other one, can’T ask or talk, he has his eyes closed and has to guess what is it.  Then we change role.



3)      Now a simple drawing with geometrical figures is given to the one who has to describe it while the other tries to draw what he/she understands from it. Then we compare the drawings.

Then we change role.


4)      In the final exercise, one of the partners draws a simple drawing on a piece of paper. He/she reproduces it on the others back giving a nice massage.  The one receiving the massage has to reproduce the drawing on a piece of paper.

Then we compare the drawings and change role.


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