Get in Shape!


During this activity kids will be learning the shapes in English while they draw them or create them with plasticine in a fun way. The basic idea is:


Firstly to show them the shapes (circle, square, triangle…) so they can identify them, to learn a song about shapes (attached at the end of the activity). The camp leader would show them one by one the different shapes on a piece of card or in plasticine (being previously designed). This way kids will learn the different shapes and associate their names with the image of each of them.  They would repeat all the shapes so to make sure they recognize and memorize them.  And afterwards as a class activity with the different shapes they can create pictures or figures (about animals, people, robots, trees, etc) using either crayons or plasticine.


Kids will learn through this activity in a different and fun way the names of the shapes and how to design pictures with them. Either card or plasticine can be used in this kind of activities. I'd prefer plasticine so as not to waste a lot of paper, although it could be easier for little kids to draw rather than use plasticine. Of course that would depend on the group. 



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