Orienteering Competition in Burgos

It is a competition in which you have a map with different spots (places).

You have to reach as many spots as you can, solving a question in each of the spots.

Here you will have the different questions for the different spots.

For each question solved you will receive an amount of points, depending on the difficulty of the question or the distance you have to walk to reach it.

The team who wins more points will win the competition.

But you have to take into account some important things:
• The spots don´t have to be reached in the order of the numbers. You can go first to spot number 10, then to spot number 5... It doesn´t matter the order you follow.
• You will have a very precisely time for the competition. When time runs out, you will have to return here. It´s very important to be very punctual, because each minute you arrive late, your team will lose one point.
• It´s very difficult to get to every spot, so you will have to plan very well in which order you will get each spot

When I finish explaining the game, you will be divided in six teams. Each team will go with a counselor. Each team will have a map. When I give you the maps, the competition starts. Time begins to run. But, don´t start running. Remember that the first thing you have to do is to plan the order you are going to get each spot.

Then you will go to get the most spots you can. And at XX:XX you will have to return here.

There are some spots in which you will have to do something when you get there, instead of answer a question. The counselor will check that you have done it.

• You will always be with your team. No one can go alone. And you will have to be with your counselor always.
• Be very careful with cars. Respect traffic lights. Cross the streets only through the pedestrian crossings (crosswalks)...etc.
• You cannot go running. You have to go walking. Running is forbidden.
• If you have to speak with other people, please do it very politely: "Excuse me, please, thankyou..."


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